Saturday, 16 March 2013

The ordinary day

The ordinary day
One ordinary day lived an ordinary girl in a ordinary  house. I hopped on my  bed and starting to watch ordinary Tv .My  mum shouted “ Emma come down for school”so off I went, I Walked very slowly to school when I came to school the bell ring at the same time every day I put my bag down and walk into class very slowly
The teacher was sick again so we had a new teacher in the class Mr pea his name was.He talked about monsters and dragon.Then for writing we all close our eyes and imagine to fly with the birds “everyone open your eyes” said Mr Pea “now start your writing” the bell ring I saw Mr Pea near his car I came and said “today was the best day ever” “ yes it was” I went home and thought that was the best day ever.

The next day I was so excited about school tomorrow when tomorrow came Mr Pea was nowhere to be seen we had our normal teacher Mrs Knight it turn out to be boring Tuesday Mrs Knight said  “Mr Pea only came in because I was sick” it was like he never step foot into the classroom.
By Emma Morrison.   


  1. This is one of my Favorited peace of writing
    I hope you like it :)

  2. Your picture is awesome Emma. It look's great how you have a huge poster in the city.
    Same with your writing. You are a good writer.

    How did you do it?:)

  3. WOW! Emma the photo of you is amazing and so is the writing

    keep up the good work;)

  4. Dear Emma,
    I really like that post about the teacher you had only once in your life.Sad,but good at the same time.I really do like it.
    ~Your penpal,

    1. Thanks Anna your the best pen pal every.


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