Saturday, 9 November 2013

Vampire Viper report

Vampire Viper: By Emma and Imaan

Vampire viper is a dangerous creature so you shouldn't be messing around with it. It is poisonous and has venom so the second it bites you, you will die or be injured badly. You will be amazed with what this monster can do. Do you know what you do if you come across the Vampire viper? Read on to find out how to protect yourself from it.
Why do you need to protect yourself from it?
It is poisonous and can harm you badly. If you mess with this creature you will be miserable for the rest of your life or you can die from its great powers. It has venom in its mouth to attack people and it comes out at night to eat the humans flesh. It eats human flesh and eats Kids like you and me.  The Vampire Vipers enemy  is the clown leopard, and its weaknesses is another terrifying creatures that have combined just like the Vampire Viper.   
It lives in graveyards and hangs upside down when you came to the graveyard it bites you on your neck you are so lucky if you survive. It hangs upside down of a tree  saying “Go away,Go away.,” he will scream at you and also spit some venom at you..  Some of the vampire viper lives in forests or in caves which are in the forest. They slither at night in peoples bedroom’s and on streets. At night you should be careful otherwise you will be its next victim.


This is why you should be aware of the Vampire viper. It is deadly and you need to be very cautious if you are on the street alone and this deadly creature is watching you. Remember its weakness is other animals combined. If you come along and see this creature hide somewhere safe so that the Vampire Viper can’t see you, that is unless you a surrounded by them there will be no where to escape.  I hope you listen to this report otherwise you’ll be the next one dead . You have to be aware about this monster. Now you know what to do if you came across this monster.


  1. Wow! Emma
    this vampire viper creature sounds really scary
    It is a awesome story
    Keep it up

  2. Wow Emma.
    I would never go near the Vampire Viper.
    Awesome report.
    Keep it up!

  3. Wow Emma,
    Your picture is looking great!
    You did a great job in the story and made it really interesting.
    Keep up the great work!
    Well done:)


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