Monday, 4 March 2013


Waimarama Beach
 Bang the waves hit me. I flipped upside down and got up. I saw my granny  looking at me I looked back, I went under a wave boom,bang I got hit once again. The fine sand went in my eyes my granny said   “time to go up to the beach house.” I didn't  listen I stepped on something hard. “Ah my foot, something was hanging on to my toe. It was a crab.  “Granny," I said  in fear. What's on my foot."  
Its a crab” she said. 
"Get it off then its starting to bleed," I said. Then she got her hat. Bang the crab was off. We walked very slowly like a turtle to the beach house. I walked on the grass. “Ah” I say a bee stung me. I slowly hopped to the baby pool and put my big toe in the fresh warm water.
 “That's much better.” Then my granny told me she got it all on video.

  The end


  1. This is my writing I hope you enjoy it,
    it was funny when it happen.

  2. Wow Emma you must have been brave if I had a crab on my toe I would scream and yell.
    I liked how you desribed how you shouted ( used describing words ).

  3. A crab pinch and then a bee sting. A tough time at the beach!

    I really like the start of your writing, Emma. You describe the waves so well.

  4. wow Emma that will hurt if the crab had bit me but I know that your brave and I like the funny part at the end how your granny got it all on tape:)


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