Monday, 16 December 2013

My Christmas Wonderland

Today Zach and I made a Christmas Wonderland. We created on Paint. We spend the whole morning on it. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy new year.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My year so far in room 16

This is my comic life poster showing some great and enjoyable events of this year. The photo on the bottom right is showing me at the book character dress up day. I am dressed as Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. The one with me with the speech bubble which is saying ' Electric Emma to the rescue' is my super hero. I created it at the start of the year. The other three are me and my group the Titans at Camp Kaitawa. I really enjoyed going to that camp. The last one is me at Pandora Pond in Napier for optimist yachting. That was a real great event to make room 16 enjoy themselves. Enjoy and please comment:)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Avatar

This is my avatar it is based on Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz. I choose the dog because I thought it looked
cute. I created my avatar on Sp-studio   

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Athletics day

Athletics day

“On your marks get set go,” said Mrs Hill. I looked behind me I was last I started to run as fast as I can. Suddenly in the corner of my eye I caught sight of Thea passing me. I started running as fast as I can, I pass lots of people I see the finished line Thea, and Brooklyn were in front of me. Brooklyn had finished Its up to me to came third I hear Hemani shouting my name I starting to sprint as fast as I can I looked behind. Where's Thea? she just finished. Mr Makris put a two on my sticker I thought that's better then getting a one.

“On your marks get set go,” said Mrs Hill again for the next group. I see Hemani sprinting as fast as she could.“ You can do it Hemani,” I said shouting .   But sadly Hemani came last. Mrs Hill told her “Better luck next time,” she said. Mrs Hill told as we had to go to the softball throw with Mrs Paki. We went to Mrs Paki “ Today we are doing softball throw you throw the ball to the yellow cone over there,” She says. It was my turn I pick up the ball and throw the ball it was so close to the cone Mrs Paki gave me a one that's good I thought.

Next was the high jump we were all in line waiting for our turn. Now its my turn I bring both  of my legs up ready to land on the big mat  my legs wouldn't let me jump I had to watch the others Hemani did that to cause Hemani did not  want to do it again. It was lunch and morning tea time we had to eat everything. “ Next year 6 girls go to the 200m race. “ On your marks get set go,” I was running very fast I passed lots of people I see 3 kids in  front of me. “My legs are starting to hurt,” I say. Sadly I came six.  

Reflection for Athletics day
Something I was pleased with was how Hemani was encouraging me at everything I did. Because she was cheering and shouting you can do it. I                              
I really enjoyed learning How to do the softball throw. Because last year I didn't throw it long enough but this year Mrs Paki should me how to do it properly.

Something I found hard was High Jump. Because I was too afraid of doing it.

Something that made me think was Doing the long jump. Because at fist I didn't jump properly because I was over thinking everything. My second time I jumped and did it  properly.
Something I want to get better at is Doing the high jump
How I can do that is  trying new things.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Coin Experiment

Coin Experiment
By Emma and Zach

  • Container filled with water
  • Molding clay
  • Old coins

What shape of container will hold the most weight?

We have chosen a cube because it is tall and spacious so it will carry lots of coins.
When we placed our cube gently inside the water, it sank because the sides and bottom were too thick to carry anything.

Create a boat out of modelling clay.
Fill the container with water.
Place the boat carefully onto the water so it floats.
One at a time , put coins carefully into the boat . Count how many coins are in the boat before it sinks.

I found out that thick things can't float but if you spread out, it will float. Our boat was too thick. so I didn't float.


What shape am I going to choose

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Vampire Viper report

Vampire Viper: By Emma and Imaan

Vampire viper is a dangerous creature so you shouldn't be messing around with it. It is poisonous and has venom so the second it bites you, you will die or be injured badly. You will be amazed with what this monster can do. Do you know what you do if you come across the Vampire viper? Read on to find out how to protect yourself from it.
Why do you need to protect yourself from it?
It is poisonous and can harm you badly. If you mess with this creature you will be miserable for the rest of your life or you can die from its great powers. It has venom in its mouth to attack people and it comes out at night to eat the humans flesh. It eats human flesh and eats Kids like you and me.  The Vampire Vipers enemy  is the clown leopard, and its weaknesses is another terrifying creatures that have combined just like the Vampire Viper.   
It lives in graveyards and hangs upside down when you came to the graveyard it bites you on your neck you are so lucky if you survive. It hangs upside down of a tree  saying “Go away,Go away.,” he will scream at you and also spit some venom at you..  Some of the vampire viper lives in forests or in caves which are in the forest. They slither at night in peoples bedroom’s and on streets. At night you should be careful otherwise you will be its next victim.


This is why you should be aware of the Vampire viper. It is deadly and you need to be very cautious if you are on the street alone and this deadly creature is watching you. Remember its weakness is other animals combined. If you come along and see this creature hide somewhere safe so that the Vampire Viper can’t see you, that is unless you a surrounded by them there will be no where to escape.  I hope you listen to this report otherwise you’ll be the next one dead . You have to be aware about this monster. Now you know what to do if you came across this monster.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


This is my mathletics poster and my mathletics reflection .
All of the the class made a  mathletics poster and this is
my one also everyone made a mathletics reflection.
I hope you enjoy it and please comment .

My Mathletics reflection

Something I was pleased with was How it turn out because  at the start I thought it wanting get finished in time, but now its finished and I did it in time.

I really enjoyed learning was How to do a circle on the protractor because I didn't really know how to use it but now I know.

Something I found hard was  doing my diamond in checkers because it was really hard for me.

Something that made me think was  What want it look like when I finished it?

Something I want to get better at is working on my ruling skills  because I am bad at it and some of my lines are abit messy.
Mathletics 2013!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Report by Emma Morrison

My year so far in Room 16 by Emma

My favorite thing about being in Room 16 in 2013 is having a blog so I can share my work to my classmates and around the world.

Something I would like to do in term four is to make new friends who are year 6 so next year I know more people.

Something I would like to do next year is be in more School Involvement because I am only in one school involvement.

My dream job would be a fashion designer.


The best thing about reading so far this year is doing more reading at home I have read 70 books this year.

The best thing I read this year was Dead Harry . I enjoyed it because we made a movie trailer and we wrote to Ken Catran. The book was very cool.
This is my favorite reading blog post  The Eerie Singing Sirens that my group  created. I chose it because I really liked reading the book and making the video of it.

This is my favorite reading post from someone else Hemani’s  Hatchet reading post. I think it is awesome because you can see shes very good at reading and she put a lot of her work in her slideshow.

The best thing about maths so far this year is getting maths help in the mornings.

I was most proud of learning  division . I was  proud of this because Now I know my division and it will help me next year.

This is my favorite maths post My Basic Facts because it shows how good I am at my basic facts.

This is my favorite maths post from someone else  
Hemani's maths post. I think it is awesome because In this post she did a lot of work. I am really good at Place Value and my timetables.
I want to get better at my Mathematics.

The best thing about writing so far this year is writing  to my penpal in the U.S.A.
I was most proud of learning how to type without looking at my keyboard.
This is my favorite writing   The ordinary day  that I created. I chose it because it is some of my best writing so far.

This is my favorite writing post from someone else is Olivia's letter to ken catran   . I think it is awesome because her writing is very good and you can see she is improving in her writing.

I am really good at writing to my pen pal
I want to get better at sharing my writing to the class.

Integrated Topic

My favorite part of topic has been  doing the  dot art I enjoyed it because its going to be on my calendar

This is my favorite topic blog post   My Henna hands  that I created. I chose it because it was the topic for last term and you get to see a photo of what it looks like.

This is my favorite topic post from someone else Nikitah J . I think it is awesome because she has done a wonderful job this year in class and I just love this post so much.

School Involvement

Netball ( Next year I wont to do more school involvement,)
How I Have Shown PRIDE

Personal  Best: To do my best in in class and everything I do.
Respect and Responsibility: To show others the right thing to do and show
respect to others.

Integrity: To tell the truth to others not to lie ( I don't lie at all.)
Determination:  To show that I am determination on everything I do in school and out of school.
Enjoyment: I enjoy everything I do especially Dancing and Netball.
I just love school:) 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to make a parachute

First parachute drop

1. Andre-Jacque Garnerin When October 22 1797.  
2. He was  french.
3. He became official aeronaut of France.
4. Seven-meter silk parachute.
5. The basket lurched  violently and suffered a bad learning  Garnerin somehow emerged totally uninjured.
6.Approximately 3,000 feet.
7.Jeanne Genevieve Labrosse was his sudden  and he married her. She was the first female parachutist.

What you need
Plastic bag
What you do
First you cut a straw into 8 equal parts so it can go on your parachute Then you sellotape the end.

Next grab a plastic bag, cut off the handles and the bottom.
After that cut a square shape, Then fold the square in half,then in a quarter,then an eight,and then a sixteenth.
Next cut of the excess plastic.
Open the shape and you will get a circle,then lay out the circle and sellotape the straw with eight equal parts down on the circle, like this.

You can put some weights on it so it can go slowly. Here is a photo and a link to the site
Flower power

Monday, 21 October 2013

My Dot art

This is my dot art  its going to be on my calender. My art is based on Roy Lichtenstein's art. I am saying I love puppies and art. I had to choose this or my collage art I choose  this. I hope you enjoy and please comment :)   

Wow I look like a person from the Simpsons.  


Monday, 14 October 2013

My collage art

Last week my class has been doing  collage art.  This is my one its Mum and I. I cut up pieces of old magazines then I glued them on my blue piece of paper. Just to tell you me and mum are skeletons. I hope you like my collage I think its very cool  what do you think?

Me and Mum

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Yachting and Kayaking Day 3

Something I was pleased with was Me,Lily and Tracy having a go at yachting because we were just having a fun and we really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed learning was the kayaking because now I know how to turn the kayak properly.
Something I found hard was the tiller why? cause when my teammates said to go left I went right.

Something that made me think was kayaking why? cause when I turned I keep on hitting rocks I had to think to move away from the rocks.
Something I want to get better at is kayaking on my own because I am bad at it.

My Kayaking story

Today I went kayaking on my own at the start I was doing ok I thought. I was turning around boom my kayak went on top of a giant rock. Luckily Kane and Dave helped me get of the rock. It was time to go under the bright so I did. Yes I said because I made it under the I had to cage up to the other I paddle as hard as I can I made it up to them. On the way back was hard I was paddling to slowly when I should of been fast. At the end  I made it.
My Yachting and kayaking tagxedo

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