Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Kereru art

 This is My Kereru art Mr M read room 16 a book called As Kuku Slept. After we read the book  we  got a big black piece of paper and we drew a picture from the book and then we coloured  it in and here's my possum vs Kereru as well.


  1. That's some amazing art Emma.
    You have put allot of detail into it.
    Keep up the great art.

  2. Awesome Emma your at is amazing
    I like your bird it really stands out
    I wish I was good at art like you
    Well done

  3. Cool Emma,
    Your picture looks incredible!
    I really like the way you have blended in the colours of the sky:)
    Well Done!!!

  4. Wow Emma!
    you are a artist
    keep it up

  5. Wow Emma cool art work ;) you are a artist.


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