Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to make a parachute

First parachute drop

1. Andre-Jacque Garnerin When October 22 1797.  
2. He was  french.
3. He became official aeronaut of France.
4. Seven-meter silk parachute.
5. The basket lurched  violently and suffered a bad learning  Garnerin somehow emerged totally uninjured.
6.Approximately 3,000 feet.
7.Jeanne Genevieve Labrosse was his sudden  and he married her. She was the first female parachutist.

What you need
Plastic bag
What you do
First you cut a straw into 8 equal parts so it can go on your parachute Then you sellotape the end.

Next grab a plastic bag, cut off the handles and the bottom.
After that cut a square shape, Then fold the square in half,then in a quarter,then an eight,and then a sixteenth.
Next cut of the excess plastic.
Open the shape and you will get a circle,then lay out the circle and sellotape the straw with eight equal parts down on the circle, like this.

You can put some weights on it so it can go slowly. Here is a photo and a link to the site
Flower power


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