Friday, 28 June 2013

Kayaking with Hemani

We hop into the kayak  then we are off. I can hear Hemani telling me to paddle left, right, left and right  we turn because we were going to crash into another kayak. “ Hemani that was lucky we turned if we didn't  turn that  won't mean we won't  crash into that kayak,”. ”Emma why did you stop paddling  we both should stop to have a rest,” we were really tired  and I was sleepy but I knew we should start paddling I started to paddle  and so did Hemani we were  back on a roll.
I see everyone is having a good time I looked back Hemani was having a good time to. I see Liam and Crighton coming near as they were coming over to as. Liam got his paddle and splash me and Hemani after Liam splash as Liam said to Crighton this “I splash them because they were try”.I said to Hemani this “ We should stay away from Liam and Crighton so they won't splash as again”  I say. “That's go over there because Liam and Crighton and the other kids don't crowd as” I say.  It was very peaceful no annoying  noises at all. We turn around because we were going to go up on the sand  and get stack so we started  to turn slowly back near everyone. We kept on crashing into  everyone who was around as it started to get annoying. We pulled up on the sand and got out of the kayak .
This is me and Hemani 
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Reflection for camp

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was challenge my selves and  to enjoy myself and most of all have fun.

I achieved this because I challenge my selves and I Enjoyed myself too and I had a fun time.  

Something I was pleased with was everyone  in room 16 got along with each other and I was pleased what I did.
because everyone was helping each other and I was pleased about what I did.
I really enjoyed learning about is the birds we went past and the waterfall.
because It was fun learning about the New Zealand Native birds and the beautiful waterfall what we saw.  
Something I found hard was getting few some of the caves and I had to climb down the huge rock near the waterfall I tried my hardest to get down  but in the end Jason helped me down.
Something that made me think was in the confidence course climbing over  some things .
       because It made my think how to get over witch way to go.
My top 5 favorite things about camp were:

Favorite Things
Reason Why
1.  Onepoto caves
It was fun and challenging.
2.  Master-chef
My camp group won and I enjoyed it
Me and Hemani did our best.
4.Amazing  race
My group did a good job.
5.Confidence course
I did my best in everything in it.

Here are some photos of me. I hope you enjoy this post place comment.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Onepoto Caves

I am in the caves. I bend down on my knees and slowly start to move. Just then bam I bang  my head on the top of the roof “what was that?” said Imman.
“It was my head,” I say. I am walking out of the caves bending my shoulders trying  not to get hurt again. I am out of the cave waiting for all the others kids to come out everyone is out of the cave we start to walk  “look  the next cave I say,” . Now I am in the next cave we walk then I bend down and crawl thru the cave Oh I said “I have mad everywhere,” I say. I am out  I see a huge rock “come on,” said Imman “climb on the rock then jump off the rock. I try to climb up I split because of the mad I try again I did it I jumped of.
 This is me in one of the caves climbing up. 

  Now we start to walk again to the next cave Imman I say “Isn't it fun I love caving,” “ me to,” said Imman. The next cave we have to walk down a leader I turn and put my right foot on the ladder then my left foot I climb down then I see mad and a little swamp  I run down and  I almost fall in I walk around the little swamp . Now everyone is  starting  to walk in the last cave I go in I see somethings but Its dark  I hold on a rope then we see a water we have to put our heads on the rock  and our feet to I was thinking I am doing a good job then I fall into the water my shoes are all wet we are out of the cave. as we got out of the cave  I jumped my shoes feels like jelly.
This is me again when I am up.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Master Chef

Day 2
This is my reflection for my second day of camp
My favorite thing today was Master Chef and climbing the big ratu tree when we went on our bush walk. Something that I was proud of winning master chef.  

This is what we made for masters chef  for Dinner we made
The main dinner of saveloys & potato/fruit salad with noodles, mince patty with some gravy & cooked carrots. Dessert.
Strawberry Surprise         
everyone helps to make a red jelly with square shaped pineapples on the top of the dessert.
Sparkie Sandwiches            
a sandwich with spaghetti, cheese and Mash potatoes.

Pineapple Pancakes
pancakes with pineapples and golden syrup along with a cup of gravy.
This is when I  did the dishes.
I hope you like it master chef was very fun.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Rock Hopping

 This is my writing about  Rock Hopping day 1 at Camp Kaitawa. We did rock hopping around a lake it was really fun. I hope you enjoy it:)

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