Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pen pal letter to Anna

Parkvale School Howard Street

Hawkes Bay
 New Zealand
Dear Anna

My name is Emma Morrison my age is 10 I am going to be turning 11 on April the 25 I am in year 6 I have blond hair and green eyes.  My dream job is running a dog daycare I will tell you what its all about when the dogs owner goes on holiday and can't take the dog there will have to take it to dog daycare to look after  and when there came back will gave the dog back.  We sell dog fashion like handbags so your dog can go everywhere you go and matching outfits and in the shop a puppy  playground so Thats my dream job.

This year I am going to play netball I love to dance do you? I do tap and jazz. Do you do you play any sport ?also I  like swimming and do you like dogs or animals I do I like horses riding with my friend Jessica sometimes. I have a little sister Claire my Mum Jane do you have any brothers or sisters. I use to have a dog named Maggie she couldn't stop braking so the animal patrol tried to take my dog away from my family so we gave her away to another home with an old lady  it was very sad for  for me it was hard to give her up  I am  very happy now for Maggie we are not allowed to have a pet dog maybe another pet maybe one day.

Do you like your teacher? my teacher rocks. We had to write a young leader or  a sports pal letter to the teachers at my school for the year 6 a young leader is to  be repositioned  to our school a sports pal is playing games with the little kids at lunch time. What I got for Christmas an Ipad 4, a scooter  Mgp its purple and green,a book about a mystery and a monster high doll what did you get for Christmas?and what tv shows do you watch? I don't watch  tv not very often mine favorite show is the Simpsons . My favorite movie is twilight do you like twilight. Do you like to listen to music I do music rocks. My favorite singer is Katy Perry what's yours. Do you have 121 classrooms at your school wow if you do thats a lot.Down there is a link to my blog.  

From Emma your pen pal  


  1. Oh dang how did you make that picture?

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