Friday, 28 June 2013

Kayaking with Hemani

We hop into the kayak  then we are off. I can hear Hemani telling me to paddle left, right, left and right  we turn because we were going to crash into another kayak. “ Hemani that was lucky we turned if we didn't  turn that  won't mean we won't  crash into that kayak,”. ”Emma why did you stop paddling  we both should stop to have a rest,” we were really tired  and I was sleepy but I knew we should start paddling I started to paddle  and so did Hemani we were  back on a roll.
I see everyone is having a good time I looked back Hemani was having a good time to. I see Liam and Crighton coming near as they were coming over to as. Liam got his paddle and splash me and Hemani after Liam splash as Liam said to Crighton this “I splash them because they were try”.I said to Hemani this “ We should stay away from Liam and Crighton so they won't splash as again”  I say. “That's go over there because Liam and Crighton and the other kids don't crowd as” I say.  It was very peaceful no annoying  noises at all. We turn around because we were going to go up on the sand  and get stack so we started  to turn slowly back near everyone. We kept on crashing into  everyone who was around as it started to get annoying. We pulled up on the sand and got out of the kayak .
This is me and Hemani 
I hope you enjoy my Writing Please comment:)


  1. Awesome Emma Your post is really cool.
    I like your photos are very cool.
    Your story really stands out.
    Well done!!

  2. Awesome Emma
    Your post is really cool
    Your story is great I like the picture of you and Hemani too.
    Keep up the good work

  3. Great Emma.
    It is wonderful to have me in your story.
    Thanks for that.
    But your story is an outstanding improvement for your writing.
    You have got a couple of spelling mistakes.
    You can fix that up if you like.
    The part that I like in your story is when everyone had a good time.
    Actually you are right everyone did have a good time.
    Great post.
    You have really improved your writing skills.
    And the photo of you and me looks nice.
    Well done.
    Keep it up:)

  4. Wow Emma thats awesome!!
    looks like you and Hemani had a fun kayaking time together
    keep it up!

  5. Nice work Emma. I love the photo.


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