Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Yachting and Kayaking Day 3

Something I was pleased with was Me,Lily and Tracy having a go at yachting because we were just having a fun and we really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed learning was the kayaking because now I know how to turn the kayak properly.
Something I found hard was the tiller why? cause when my teammates said to go left I went right.

Something that made me think was kayaking why? cause when I turned I keep on hitting rocks I had to think to move away from the rocks.
Something I want to get better at is kayaking on my own because I am bad at it.

My Kayaking story

Today I went kayaking on my own at the start I was doing ok I thought. I was turning around boom my kayak went on top of a giant rock. Luckily Kane and Dave helped me get of the rock. It was time to go under the bright so I did. Yes I said because I made it under the I had to cage up to the other I paddle as hard as I can I made it up to them. On the way back was hard I was paddling to slowly when I should of been fast. At the end  I made it.
My Yachting and kayaking tagxedo


  1. Awesome Emma!
    Great post.
    I really liked your tagxedo.
    Your story was great.
    Keep up the good work.
    Well done!

  2. Awesome Emma
    I like your reflection
    I like how you put a tagxedo
    Keep up the good work
    Well done

  3. Wow Emma great reflection!
    I like the tagexdo.
    Well done, keep it up!

  4. Great Emma,
    Your reflection was awesome.
    Your story was really descriptive.
    I also like your taxzedo.
    Keep up the great work.
    Well done.

  5. Great reflection Ems.
    I like your last paragraph in the reflection.
    Trying to learn to do something on your own.
    Well done :-)

  6. Wow Emma!
    What a great reflection.
    I like how you have created a kayaking story with your post.
    I like the tagxedo too, because it looks cool how you have made it as joy.
    Well done:)

  7. Well done Emma. That is a amazing witing and I like that you were enjoying it.
    Great job.

  8. Cool reflection Emma!
    I like how you made a little story at the end.
    It is quite confusing to steer the tiler.
    Keep it up Emma!

  9. Awesome work Emma.
    Great yachting reflection.
    Great work.


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