Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Earthquake

“Everyone put out another  jelly bean  and make another  fraction.”
“Hemani what was that? I think it was an earthquake.”
“No way you must my joking.”
"Everyone in the class were going out," said  Mr S and we were  going out the door very quietly and we lined up.The whole school was outside sitting down in  two lines.
“Emma it was an earthquake you were right”.
“Yes Hemani I know”. The whole school was setting down in two lines talking about the earthquake very loudly when me and Hemani were talking but we weren't talking loudly at all  just quietly. We were talking about the earthquake.When we were in two lines the teacher called out the roll to see if everyone was out in two lines and so they know where you are.

“Is Emma here?”
"Yes I am” I say. Everyone was here in the class but not Sam  because he's in London and Zack  because he was sick so they were  the only ones  who were away  so that means everyone else was here in the class. We stayed in our line for a long time I think it just seemed like that. A teacher spoke about we were sitting in the wrong spot because we were sitting next to the pride wall. If it hadn't stopped and we sat where we sat the pride wall might of fell down and kids and teacher might of got hurt badly.So we sat there just listening to the teacher who was talking to the school then we got up and formed two lines. We slowly walked to class. Once we got in the class everyone was talking and talking about the earthquake.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Emma!
    That is a fantastic story by the way.
    It really showed you're feelings.
    I like how you have included me in you're story because I have included you in my story too.
    The earthquake was an amazing shock too me too.
    It is the biggest earthquake I have ever felt.
    Well done:)


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