Monday, 29 July 2013

Book character Malfoy

 A couple of  weeks ago  was book week on Wednesday we had to dress up as our favorite book character I dressed up as Malfoy from harry potter. Even tough it was raining we still had fun. I hope you enjoy;)


  1. Great costume Emma. You look kind of like Malfoy. And the wand looks so cool. That is so cool. Well done:)

  2. What an inspiring costume Emma!
    You looked outstanding as you stood in front of the school when it was room 16 turn to stand.
    You're smile really brightened up you're day didn't it.
    And you wand really looks like a real one.
    Malfoy is a great book character.
    Well done, Keep up the incredible work:)

  3. Wow Emma!
    I really liked how you dressed up in book character day
    keep it up!

  4. Wow Emma that is amazing book character you dressed up as Malfoy. I like it too Emma.
    Well done Emma.

  5. Wow Emma,
    What an incredible costume!
    I don't think anyone else has dressed up as Malfoy.
    That costume is a great choice:)
    Well done!!!

  6. Wow Emma I love your costume it looks
    keep it up. :-)

  7. Great costume Emma!
    I didn't see anyone dressed up as Malfoy in the hole school.
    You must of had a good think about what character to go as.
    Keep up the cool posts Emma.

  8. Great costume!
    I agree with zeb!
    Keep it up!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  9. Looking good Emma. I love this photo.

  10. Thanks for all the cool comments.


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