Friday, 24 May 2013

Rock climbing week 2 and 3

Rock climbing  Reflection week 2 and 3. .Something I was pleased with all the help from the year 12 kids.
· I really enjoyed learning how to I did push pull hand on bum head hand.

· Something I found hard was getting of the  wall.

Something I want to get better is  on the climbing wall to get a lot higher.

Week 3 was fun  my group went on the wall we had tiny rocks that made it harder for
me   my feet were fulling off it.  It  was hard then we swap with anther group we had a good job on the other wall.

Mr Ross and I were having a chat about rock climbing one more minuet everyone  he said. 


  1. Great job with the Rock Climbing. It looked a little bit tricky. Jane

  2. Wow I love how you put the pitchers in to make it more intresting:)


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