Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My creature art.

This is my creature art we did it yesterday first of all I drew  and then we put black pastel on our art. O'Kane  ironed  it for me and then it went on the other side. I hope you like it;)


  1. That looks so amazing Emma. It is so colourful. Jane

  2. Wow Emma that looks so cool it does look like a creature:)

  3. Awesome Emma!
    Your creature looks great.
    I like the strong muscles you have have made to.
    Well done,outstanding art:)

  4. Awesome work Emma,
    Nice bright color's.
    Your name stands out on the yellow background.
    Great work.
    Olivia :)

  5. Wow Emma!
    I love all the colors that you have used.
    I liked doing that art.
    Did you?
    Well done:-)


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