Monday, 8 April 2013

The scooter poem

This is my scooter poem I hope you like it.;)

The scooter By Emma Morrison
I have always been the lucky  
one, this year I got a new
scooter Its purple
and green.

I rode it every weekend
until  my mum starting
to shout  at me .

It had a  skull on
the front of it.

Scootering up and down
the road I pushed so
heard  my head feld
like I was going up
side down.

Going down my head
always started to spin
in a circle .

One night I creeped out
side got the keys and
I un lock  the door then
I will stop and stare at
my scooter.

It was getting late
and dark I new
tomorrow  was Monday
I said goodbye to my
scooter so  then I went to
I just loved that scooter;)



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