Thursday, 18 April 2013

My own camp

For the last few weeks room 16 has been creating our own
camp maps. This one is mine Camp Adventurer.

Camp Directions
1.start north D2 walk to D3 till you found a key.
2. go right E6 and walk along the ladder hop off at the end east and north.

3.Then you go E9 east.

4.Then go down E8 you have found another key then you found all the keys and Mr M.
Wow done you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my camp rules.

  1. When you are swimming have a teacher or an adult watching  you at all times.
  2. No running  down the hallway at night time some people may be asleep.
  3. Always  wear shoes when outside because we don't need dirty shoes.
  4. Put sunscreen  and a hat when you are outside.
  5. After you have eaten  wash your heads and wash your dishes.
  6. When you are in  the forest keep close to an adult.
  7. When you are at  the beach swimming an adult should be swimming  with you.  
  8. If you  like to go on the boat  be safe and life jacket  and have fun.  
     9.  Be safe and have fun.


  1. Well done Emma and thank you for finding me!

    I like your camp rules, they are very sensible.

    Can I help you take and edit a more close up photo so others can see your awesome camp map better?

    1. Thanks Mr M you can help me to that.

  2. Well done Emma.
    You have worked so hard on your map.
    It looks great!

  3. "wow" Emma i love your camp map its very bright :-)

  4. Wow Emma great work you did it mast of token a long time to do it. how did you come up with the came rules because they are awesome good job you did? Keep the good work up Emma.


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