Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Athletics day

Athletics day

“On your marks get set go,” said Mrs Hill. I looked behind me I was last I started to run as fast as I can. Suddenly in the corner of my eye I caught sight of Thea passing me. I started running as fast as I can, I pass lots of people I see the finished line Thea, and Brooklyn were in front of me. Brooklyn had finished Its up to me to came third I hear Hemani shouting my name I starting to sprint as fast as I can I looked behind. Where's Thea? she just finished. Mr Makris put a two on my sticker I thought that's better then getting a one.

“On your marks get set go,” said Mrs Hill again for the next group. I see Hemani sprinting as fast as she could.“ You can do it Hemani,” I said shouting .   But sadly Hemani came last. Mrs Hill told her “Better luck next time,” she said. Mrs Hill told as we had to go to the softball throw with Mrs Paki. We went to Mrs Paki “ Today we are doing softball throw you throw the ball to the yellow cone over there,” She says. It was my turn I pick up the ball and throw the ball it was so close to the cone Mrs Paki gave me a one that's good I thought.

Next was the high jump we were all in line waiting for our turn. Now its my turn I bring both  of my legs up ready to land on the big mat  my legs wouldn't let me jump I had to watch the others Hemani did that to cause Hemani did not  want to do it again. It was lunch and morning tea time we had to eat everything. “ Next year 6 girls go to the 200m race. “ On your marks get set go,” I was running very fast I passed lots of people I see 3 kids in  front of me. “My legs are starting to hurt,” I say. Sadly I came six.  

Reflection for Athletics day
Something I was pleased with was how Hemani was encouraging me at everything I did. Because she was cheering and shouting you can do it. I                              
I really enjoyed learning How to do the softball throw. Because last year I didn't throw it long enough but this year Mrs Paki should me how to do it properly.

Something I found hard was High Jump. Because I was too afraid of doing it.

Something that made me think was Doing the long jump. Because at fist I didn't jump properly because I was over thinking everything. My second time I jumped and did it  properly.
Something I want to get better at is Doing the high jump
How I can do that is  trying new things.


  1. Well done Emma.
    You tried your best :)
    Nice reflection.
    Did you enjoy Athletics day?
    Keep it up.

  2. Great description of your athletics day. I enjoyed coming down and watching!

  3. Emma you are awesome! Really good job on your athletics day! And nice blog! Keep on writing!


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