Thursday, 22 August 2013

BMX Racers

What is a BMX Racer A BMX Racing is when people can compete in a Olympic sports BMX came a Olympic sport in 2008 that was 5 years ago BMX is short for bicycle,motocross. The first BMX racing began in the 1970s in the first of the BMX world champs was hold in the USA. In 2008 BMX racing was an Olympic sport for the first time in China Beijing.

BMX Racing Tracks
A BMX racing track is designed for BMX racers  the BMX track is around 400 meters long it’s covered  in dirt and rocks and some big bumps . The big bumps helps the racers to go up powerful and do amazing flips.

A BMX Race
Riders have to be able to clear single,doubles or triple jumps that range in height from 6 to 12 meters.   As the fastest riders fly over the last jumps they pedal very fast to speed up lots of power when they get closed to the finish line they would try to finish first.   

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  1. Well Done Emma,
    You have done an amazing presentation on BMX racing.
    You have told the person who is reading what the bumps in the dirt track are for. Its cool how you know what year BMX racing started.
    Well Done Emma , Keep up the work.


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