Thursday, 20 June 2013


Onepoto Caves

I am in the caves. I bend down on my knees and slowly start to move. Just then bam I bang  my head on the top of the roof “what was that?” said Imman.
“It was my head,” I say. I am walking out of the caves bending my shoulders trying  not to get hurt again. I am out of the cave waiting for all the others kids to come out everyone is out of the cave we start to walk  “look  the next cave I say,” . Now I am in the next cave we walk then I bend down and crawl thru the cave Oh I said “I have mad everywhere,” I say. I am out  I see a huge rock “come on,” said Imman “climb on the rock then jump off the rock. I try to climb up I split because of the mad I try again I did it I jumped of.
 This is me in one of the caves climbing up. 

  Now we start to walk again to the next cave Imman I say “Isn't it fun I love caving,” “ me to,” said Imman. The next cave we have to walk down a leader I turn and put my right foot on the ladder then my left foot I climb down then I see mad and a little swamp  I run down and  I almost fall in I walk around the little swamp . Now everyone is  starting  to walk in the last cave I go in I see somethings but Its dark  I hold on a rope then we see a water we have to put our heads on the rock  and our feet to I was thinking I am doing a good job then I fall into the water my shoes are all wet we are out of the cave. as we got out of the cave  I jumped my shoes feels like jelly.
This is me again when I am up.

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  1. Awesome writing you did I liked it and it mast of hurt when you hit your head. well done Emma.


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